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Bitte Kai Rand

Bitte Kai Rand

BITTE KAI RAND is an international fashion brand with a rich history in Scandinavian design.

The brand has a curious approach to the western worlds fast pace, and is recognized for its unique style based on the design concept, quality, functionality and comfort.

Fashion and design is meant to inspire and free you not control you, which is the essence in BITTE KAI RAND’s design philosophy: ‘A feeling to wear’

Min: $0 Max: $150

Bitte Kai Rand Diamond Rock Jersey Narrow Pant

Diamond Rock Jersey Narrow Pant by Bitte Kai Rand in Shimmering Rock.

$295.00 $147.50

Bitte Kai Rand Lily White Parachute Nylon Pants

Lily White Parachute Nylon Pant by Bitte Kai Rand featuring a button front, gathered elastic band look.

$256.00 $128.00

Bitte Kai Rand Opal Cracks Jacquard Pant

Opal cracks jacquard pant by Bitte Kai Rand featuring a wide leg and zipper front.

$256.00 $128.00

Bitte Kai Rand Stratum Stretch Pant

Printed stretch pants with folded waist piece by Bitte Kai Rand featuring as stratum design.

$180.00 $90.00

Bitte Kai Rand Melilitolite & Gems Blouse

Melilitolite & Gems Viscose Blouse with back button detail by Bitte Kai Rand

$199.00 $99.50